10 ways to create the best summer memories for our kids

Most adults would agree that the summer months of their youth were the most enjoyable and memorable times in their lives. Whether it was playing in a swimming pool or attending a carnival or taking a road trip to a favorite destination with the family, these times have given many wonderful memories to every child. As a concerned parent, you will want to do your best to help create the best summer memories for your kids. So, be sure to set a good example, as this is the ideal way of cultivating character in your offspring. Here is a look at ten ways to create the best summer memories for our kids.

1. Camping out on the deck or backyard

Each summer, parents should think about camping out on the deck or in the backyard. This simple activity can create lasting memories. All that is required is putting out a few sleeping bags and roasting marshmallows over a tiny grill. To make things more memorable, encourage your children to read books with the help of a flashlight and tell them a nice ghost story to help them fall asleep soundly beneath the open skies.

2. Encourage your children to sell some lemonade

Encourage your children to sell lemonade in the hot summer months. Give them a Discovery Kids Lemonade Stand Kit and set it up on the street outside your home. Your kids are going to love making money selling lemonade. Also, encourage them to give the money earned to a good charity. Doing a good deed is a good way of building up the character of your children.

3. Water balloon fights

One of the best ways of creating summer memories for your kids is by organizing water balloon fights. This simple activity starts when you put together some balloons and use a water hose to fill them up. One of the parents can help tie up the balloons for the kids, and once they are filled, simply fill up a bucket and then get your kids to declare war! Get them to hit different body parts and see who is capable of tossing the balloons to the top of the slide and getting them to slide down in one piece.

4. Take your kids to a farm

Even if you do not live on a farm, you can still find one where you and the kids can stay for a few days. Getting the kids to milk the cows and gather newly laid eggs and hanging out with the farm animals is certainly going to delight your kids and create lasting memories.

5. Take the kids on a road trip to no particular destination

Choose a Sunday in the summer months to take your kids on a road trip to no particular destination. A short drive that lasts just an hour can be a very interesting experience for kids. Stop somewhere so that the kids get a chance to roam about in some unknown part of your state. Try and stop close to an ice-cream parlor. Your kids will love you for that!

6. Visit a nearby park and enjoy a picnic with your kids

Go to a park in the early hours of a nice Sunday morning and take along your picnic basket filled with sandwiches and chocolate milk. Be sure to bring a ball with you so that the kids can enjoy tossing it around.

7. Use a nice sprinkler so that the kids can get wet

It is easy to buy a nice revolving sprinkler. Attach it to the hose in your backyard and let the kids splash about and play with it for a few hours. Not only will the kids love it but the sprinkler can also water the lawn at the same time!

8. Blowing bubbles after the sun has gone down is lots of fun

Get hold of a few cans of bubbles. Also, find a couple of flashlights and then when the sun goes down and things become dark you can place the flashlights with their lights shining heavenwards. Get your children to blow their bubbles. The effect will be quite magical, and everyone is going to have a great time!

9. Hold a family reunion or take the kids to attend one

For most kids (and even for parents) family reunions do not take place often enough. Holding a family reunion is a great way of having fun. Invite all the kids’ aunts and cousins and uncles and let everyone have a great time. To ensure that most if not all of your family members attend the reunion, try and schedule it on a holiday like the Fourth of July.

10. Attend a performance

There are some cities and towns that hold free performances in the outside each summer. Attending these concerts can be a great way to create best summer memories for the kids. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your kids are too young to attend these outdoor performances. The surprising thing is that your kids will love to sit in an outdoor setting. They can listen to the music and have a good time.

These are some of the ten best ways to make best summer memories for our kids. To make things more enjoyable and memorable, be sure to be as creative as possible. As a parent, you need to try and recreate the same kind of basic fun activities that you enjoyed as a kid in the summer. Summer is considered a time to take a break from school and it is also the right time to be outdoors. With so many choices regarding camps and summer programs, do not put any limit on the children’s summer activities. Just remember that if you want to create best summer memories for our kids then factor in enough family time and try and share stories of your youth to make it easy for everyone to bond well together. The more you get your children to learn to realize how nice the present is, the easier it becomes for them to appreciate what they have. And, that is the best way to create lasting summer memories.